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Dropshipping: sell children’s clothing online without stock

How Dropshipping of children's clothing works

Kidsdistribution offers online stores the opportunity to sell without having a warehouse and, therefore, without investments in goods and risks of unsold. Kidsdistribution is an Italian dropshipping supplier that will allow you to earn money online thanks to a high quality service and clothing for children of the best high fashion brands.

Download Kidsdistribution catalogues via plugin for Magento, Prestashop or Wordpress. Your online site will be populated by all the products we have with photos and descriptions, in just one click! Your showcase will be enriched with high fashion brands for children and your customers will start buying on your website. You will receive orders and payments from your customers and we will take care of shipping the goods. Easy and convenient! Check out our infographic on Dropshipping and become dropshipper soon!

Dropshipping infografica

Did you understand? No stock, nothing unsold ... just make money for your e-commerce! When you sell a piece of clothing through your online store, you collect the money from the customer, buy the single item from Kidsdistribution at the wholesale price and we will send it to your customer. What are you waiting for? Become dropshipper!

The benefits of Dropshipping with Kidsdistribution

  • Sell without inventory costs, no risk of unsold goods
  • No logistics costs, sell and deliver throughout Europe
  • High quality catalog with over 100 of the best brands of children's clothing
  • High-quality photos and descriptions to be imported into your ecommerce
  • Management of orders with wholesale prices that guarantee you large margins
  • Catalog always synchronized with daily supplies-prompt delivery

With Kidsdistribution you are guaranteed a catalog that is always up-to-date with high fashion brands for children. Our many years of experience in children's clothing wholesale allows us to offer in dropshipping unbeatable prices that will guarantee you big sales margins. Our catalog includes the most prestigious brands like Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Carlo Pignatelli, Cesare Paciotti, Philipp Plein, Diesel, Harmont & Blaine, Miss Blumarine, Byblos, Miss Grant, .. The dropshipping allows you to open an online store and sell the highest quality clothing without making large investments in the purchase of goods.

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The costs of Dropshipping

Kidsdistribution offers you the opportunity to access a catalog of over 150,000 references of children's clothing and have extraordinary competitive prices. Our semi-annual and annual subscription plans include:

  • +200.000 luxury brand references Daily procurement of newborn and baby clothing items from the best brands.
  • High quality photos̀ Each piece of clothing is ironed and prepared for the photo shoot. Each product card is then enriched with professional photos
  • Accurate and original descriptions The descriptions of each reference are in Italian and English.
  • EAN code and barcode All references are equipped with EAN code and barcode for a correct and simplified catalog management.
  • Logistics and shipping Our logistics allows fast shipping throughout Europe.
  • Unbeatable wholesale prices Our wholesale prices will allow you to earn for all sales.

Activation cost

The activation fee is related to the Magento, Prestashop or Woocommerce plugin that can be purchased for only € 200. Click on the links below to download the plugin.

Monthly fee

Kidsdistribution is the ideal partner to take off your online sales. Thanks to the large and constantly updated catalog, it will be easy to increase your turnover every month The monthly dropshipping fee rewards your sales! Once the turnover threshold is reached, the monthly fee will always be cheaper. If your monthly turnover reaches € 1,500, the fee will be FREE!
The more you sell, the more you save, the more you earn!

Più vendi, più risparmi, più guadagni!

Basic plan


*Cost of the month's fee, if the month preceding the turnover of the dropshipper excluding VAT is less than € 500

Silver plan


*Cost of the month's fee, if the month preceding the turnover of the dropshipper excluding VAT is between € 500 and € 1.000

Gold plan


*Cost of the month, if the month before the turnover of the dropshipper excluding VAT is between € 1.000 and € 1.500

Diamond plan


*Cost of the month's fee, if the month preceding the turnover of the dropshipper excluding VAT is more than € 1.500

F.A.Q. The most frequently asked questions about Dropshipping g

I want to open an online store, who provides me with the products?

Kidsdistribution is the leading distributor of designer children's clothing and is the best partner to start your business. Thanks to our competitive prices, you can sell the entire catalog online in just a few clicks.

How much do I have to invest each month to get access to the catalog?

Kidsdistribution does not require a minimum amount of monthly turnover. As your monthly revenue increases, your subscription fee will decrease until it becomes free. In this way the more you sell, the more you earn. You can save up to € 3,588 / year if you charge at least € 1,500 / month.

How can I become a dropshipper?

Register now to the site and select the DROPSHIPPER channel. You will immediately receive the necessasy information to start your business. In order To be able to import the catalog with photos and descriptions, it will be sufficient to install a Prestashop, Magento or Woocommerce plugin. Once installed the plugin, in a few clicks you can import the products into your ecommerce and start earning money.

I only pay what I sell? At what price??

All products in the catalog have a wholesale cost that will be applied to each single item sold. You will pay only for what you have already sold. The catalog that Kidsdistribution will provide you have suggested retail prices in order to help you with your sales strategy. Your margin on the single sale will be given by the difference between the retail price on your store and the purchase cost from Kidsdistribution.

Who ships?

Your customer will order and pay for your order directly on your website. Through the plugin that allows the synchronization of products and sales, your order will be forwarded to Kidsdistribution and you will be charged. As soon as we receive the payment confirmation, we will handle the order, the labeling, packing and shipping. Your customer will receive the goods directly from Kidsdistribution.

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